Thursday, 23 August 2012

Exhibition and Auction of M F Husain's paintings cancelled at Bangalore

Bangalore (Karnataka) : On 24 August 2012, at Bangalore ITC Hotel, an exhibition and auction of paintings by M F Husain and other artists was arranged by 'Art Bangalore'. HJS learnt about this event and alongwith Shri Ram Sene and other Hindu organisations, gathered on 23 August 2012 at 'Art Bangalore' located in UB City, Bangalore. They met the organisers and demanded the removal of Anti-Hindu painter M F Husain's paintings from the exhibition.

Hindu activists explained to organisers about the nude paintings of Hindu Deities and Bharat Mata drawn by perverted Anti-Hindu painter M F Husain. They also informed about campaign of HJS against M F Husain, which resulted in cancellation of 'Raja Ravi Verma Award' and 'Rupdhar Award'. Activists also told organisers about cancellation of Husain's paintings' exhibition in Bangalore at 'Bangalore Habba' and 'Bid and Hammer'. After getting all information, Director of 'Art Bangalore' gave in writing about the removal of Husain's paintings from the event.

Mr. Jagdish, Mr. Pramod of Sri Ram Sene and Mr. Chandru Moger of HJS were present at the protest alongwith other Hindu activists.

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