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HJS’ standpoint on ban on “” and appeal to Hindus !

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From Our Correspondent

On 19th August 2012, on the eve of ‘Ramzan Id’, Central Government imposed unjustifiable ban on the website of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and on the page of its social website without giving any prior notice. It is understood from the news published by various news channels that under the so-called reason of posting provoking writing about Assam riots, this action has been taken. The Central Government, banning HJS website, has not imposed ban on the websites of jihadi organisations like ‘Popular Front of India’, ‘Jamat-e-Islami’, ‘Raza Academy’, ‘Tehariq-e-hurriyat Jammu –Kashmir’, ‘2’ etc. Hindus should note that in short, the Central Government has given protection to jihadis and done a contemptible act of banning website of pro-Hindu organisations.

True information on Assam and Mumbai riots was published in the news section of the website and its ‘Facebook’ page based on the news published in various newspapers. Some of these newspapers are published at national level which means publishing of such news by media was not objectionable; but posting of the same news items on website was considered as objectionable. It is ‘Tughalaqi’ justice of the Congress. According to our information, there was nothing objectionable or provoking. Even then, if the Government had thought it as objectionable, they could have conveyed it to us by at least sending a letter so that some solution could have been found through mutual understanding; however, without giving us a chance, directly imposing ban is an attack on freedom of expression of media. Anti-Hindu Congress rulers have thus acted against the Indian Constitution. It is an attempt to silence Hindus’ voice.

Imposition of ban on a website that is helping the Govt. is very unfortunate !

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is a registered voluntary organisation engaged in creating awareness amongst people towards protection of Nation and Dharma for the past 9 years. The same activities are being carried out through the medium of website for last 5 years. Scientific information on festivals, religious festivals, rites and rituals, acts to be performed in the interests of society and family is given on this website. Besides, drives like preventing abuse of National Flag, distortion of Indian map, prevention of denigration of Deities, great national leaders and Saints and to present glorious past of Bharat for the welfare of people, nation and Dharma are also undertaken and published for people to know.

The website had exposed the truth behind pictures used by rioters to break riots in Assam and cities like Mumbai, Prayag (Allahabad), Kanpur, Lakshmanpuri (Lucknow). In a way, it was help extended by HJS to the Government and Police. HJS activities have been commended by many political leaders, police officers, social workers,thinkers, Dharmacharya etc. Even then, the Congress rulers, having alliance with Muslim League which is staunch Hindu-hater and was instrumental in dividing this country, are annoyed with HJS activities.

More than 1, 80, 000 people regularly visit this website from about 170 countries. They too have praised the activities undertaken through the website. As the activities undertaken are in the interest of society, nation and Dharma, no case has been filed against it so far for involvement in any wrong doing. Moreover, the number of visitors has increased. Activities are undertaken to stop false propagation about Assam riots by foreign agencies and for preventing harm that can be caused to national integrity and law and order situation. It is thus helping the Government; still the Government has taken such action against the website which is very unfortunate. It is our demand that the ban should be lifted immediately.

Growing support of Hindus is an outcome of HJS website’s selfless service rendered to Nation and Dharma !

Many Hindus called us expressing their support when they heard news about ban on its website and extended their hand for help. Post-ban, there is large increase in the followers of ‘Facebook’- and ‘Twitter’ ( @Hindujagrutiorg ). Many Hindu brethren have taken initiative to convey the news about ban on its website to other Hindus through their bogs, ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, group as well as personal e-mails etc. Some of them have posted the information on ban in the form of ‘banner (as main news)’. The unity and affinity generated among Hindus towards stifling of Hindus is very encouraging and it shows that ‘we are not alone but Hindus all over the world are one’. The website of HJS has so far worked with the mission of ‘expansive and effective Hindu unification’. Now, getting support from Hindus during such difficult times is the outcome of selfless service rendered by the website to the Nation and Dharma. We are sure that Hindu brethren will continue to support and take this issue to all their friends and relatives. – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Appeal to Hindu brethren !

Till the ban is not lifted, Indian readers can read all related news on its blog We need your support for getting the ban on website and ‘Facebook’ page lifted. If you can help us in any way like legal or other matter, please inform us on – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

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