Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mumbai Police try to show that a converted Christian Laxman Johnson is a Hindu

21st August, 2012

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Hindus should note that Hindus’ sentiments have no value as the Govt. is secular

Mumbai : Lakshman Johnson and his brother had posted picture on ‘facebook’ in which Lakshman Johnson was standing near ‘Shiva-pindi’ with his foot on the ‘Pindi’. Lakshman Johnson, who follows Christianity, did it purposely to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus during the holy month of Shravan. But police officers at Shahunagar Police Station from Dharavi, who are investigating the matter, are trying to show that the culprit was actually a Hindu and there is no proof of his being a Christian. (If such incident had taken place in case of seats of worship of Muslims, a ‘futwa’ would have been issued to kill that person. In such case, Congress Govt. also takes action promptly; whereas it tries to cover up those who desecrate objects of worship of Hindus. Hindus should oust such anti-Hindu Congress and establish Hindu Nation for severely punishing those who desecrate their seats of worship ! – Editor)

1. Munikumar Munivasalu Tirupati and Lakshminarayan Munivasalu Tirupati (alias Lakshman Johnson) are two brothers who have posted many photographs on ‘Facebook’ in the pose of praying to Jesus, wearing ‘Cross’, pictures of Jesus and Cross put up on the walls in their house, praying in church, sayings from Bible and propagating Bible with missionaries etc.

2. Anyone can go to ‘facebook’ and type Laxman Johnson; he will get proof of the brothers following Christianity.

3. On the website of HJS, drive was undertaken to protest against desecration of ‘Shiva-pindi’ creating awareness amongst Hindus from all over the world, towards the incident.  
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat    

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