Thursday, 30 August 2012

UPA banning HJS’ Website : Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi ! - B.R.Haran

Senior Journalist Mr.B.R. Haran's
point of view regarding ban on HJS website !

Hindu Janjagruti Samiti’s website which has been doing yeomen service for the cause of Hindu Samaj since its inception in 2008, is nearing its 4th Anniversary. Within this short span of time, it has achieved so much in the national arena that the present anti-Hindu UPA government led by a Non-Hindu has taken an autocratic and undemocratic action of banning it.

This action of the Italian headed UPA government is outrageous and needs to be condemned strongly by all the patriotic citizens of Hindu India.A small analysis will be in order to understand why the central government banned HJS’ website. focuses on creating awareness among Hindus on significant and specific Hindu issues, educating the various aspects of Hindu Dharma, achieving broader social interests and blocking denigration of Hindu Dharma, civilisational aspects, culture and tradition. The website serves with a noble purpose of uniting the Hindus globally and protecting this great Hindu Nation.

The sustained campaigns undertaken by HJS through its website are brilliant in educating the masses, agile and vigilant in identifying the anti-Hindu forces and their Machiavellian agenda, strong and aggressive against the anti-Hindu forces, and, very intelligent in spreading the Hindu Dharma.

All such patriotic activities are anathema to the alien headed UPA government. Moreover, right from the day HJS gave a clarion call for the formation of Hindu Rashtra with a very successful All India Conference at Goa, the centre has been waiting for an opportunity to strike and the Assam issue came in handy for it to act against nationalistic citizens and organizations.

As HJS has been campaigning effectively, creating awareness among the Hindus on the burning Assam issue, the anti-Hindu UPA government, which was bent upon hiding the actual facts from the citizens, utilized the opportunity to ban HJS website.

Till date the government has not realized the consequences of its action. It will realize very soon.

Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi !
Yes. By banning the HJS Website, the UPA government has scripted its own downfall. Congress led UPA government will go down in history as the most callous, corrupt and criminal government in Independent India.

- Mr. B.R.Haran, Senior Journalist.