Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dr. Dabholkar publishes totally false news for cheap publicity !

Satara (Maharashtra) : Andha-shraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANS) published a circular in newspapers giving false news that ‘Mahuli Grampanchayat will not allow immersion of idols in Krushna River’. When Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) contacted Sarpanch of Mahuli, he informed that no such resolution was passed by the Grampanchayat; thus exposing falsehood of ANS. (Ganesh-devotees should note the falsehood of Dr. Dabholkar, who has misled the Government and people. Will the Grampanchayat and Ganesh-devotees ask for an explanation from Dr. Dabholkar who keeps on attacking Hindu Deities, Dharma and culture? – Editor SP)
On 15th September, ANS held a meeting with Grampanchayat in Zilha Parishad’s school at Mahuli in which Dr. Dabholkar gave false misleading information that ‘immersion of idols in river causes pollution and there was a Supreme Court’s order in this context. If idols are immersed in river water, it will be breach of Court’s order; therefore, the Grampanchayat should not allow immersion of idols in Krushna River’. Not a single member of Grampanchayat agreed to the opinion expressed by Dr. Dabholkar. Even then, Dr. Dabholkar published false and perverted news in local newspapers under the heading ‘Mahuli Sarpanch and Grampanchayat resolve that not a single idol will be immersed in Krushna River’. The news published by Dr. Dabholkar without having any administrative rights, created confusion amongst hundreds of Ganesh-devotees.

After HJS creating awareness, Grampanchayat condemns Dr. Dabholkar, in writing, who is in the habit of making false claims about environmental pollution !

HJS contacted Mr. Chandrakant Kumbhar, the Sarpanch of Mahuli when he confirmed that no such resolution was passed by the Grampanchayat about not immersing idols and the Grampanchayat did not agree with the views of Dabholkar. HJS activists explained the science behind immersion of idols in flowing water as also informed about the research findings proving that immersion of idols does not cause pollution. A representation was also given to Grampanchayat requesting that Hindus should not be probibited from immersing idols in water respecting their religious sentiments.

Grampanchayat later, issued a circular condemning ANS for publishing such news and assuring the devotees that they would not be stopped from immersing idols in river water.

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