Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dr. Zakir Naik apologises; HJS demands punishment for Dr. Zakir

Mumbai : News about Hindu-hater, Dr. Zakir Naik raising query about Shri Ganesh’s  divinity and attacking religious sentiments of all Hindus was first published in ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ and later in ‘Dainik Saamnaa’.  Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) took initiative and started registering complaints against Dr. Naik along with other Hindu organisations and Ganeshotsava Mandals at different police stations. Considering the rage generated amongst Hindus, Dr. Naik tried to give excuses for his statements by writing a letter rendering apology to ‘Dainik Saamnaa’. (O Hindus, do not get carried away with his apology and remember that you have to fight against attacks on your Deities and Dharma till the end ! – Editor SP)

Dr. Zakir needs to punished and not pardoned ! – demands HJS

If someone had insulted Islam and asked for pardon, would Muslims excuse such person? If their love for the religion is staunch, our love for Dharma is also fierce; besides, one, who commits an offence, has to be punished as it will curb others and they would not dare to denigrate Hindu Dharma and Deities. Dr. Zakir Naik’s rendering apology is pretence. Since the issue is geting heated up, he is trying to pacify. It will, therefore, be proper to punish such person and not pardon him. Hindus will not get carried away with lies of Dr. Zakir nor will they stop their agitation. Agitation staged by HJS and pro-Hindu organisations will be intensified and complaints will be lodged all over the State for his arrest, stated Mr. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS in this conncetion.
Points noted and showing pretence behind Dr. Zakir’s apology    

1. Dr. Zakir says that the mistake took place due to his employees. (This means he says that he has not committed the mistake and if he has not accepted his mistake, where is the question of pardon? – Editor SP)

2. He has said, “When I was abroad, my office staff has posted such objectionable matter without my permission.” (Film of Dr. Zakir making such despicable statements against Shri Ganesh was available on You-tube. He, therefore, cannot deny that he never said such thing ! – Editor SP)  

3. The letter rendering apology is signed by his employee Manzoor Shaikh and not by Zakir.

4. In his apology letter, Zakir has nowhere said that he accepts that Ganapati is God; therefore, the statements made by him against divinity of Shri Ganesh cannot be excused.

5. This so-called apology letter by Dr. Zakir does not indicate that his opinion has changed.  

6. As per the news published in ‘Saamnaa’, he has said in apology leter that ‘If the sentences wrongly posted on my Facebook account have hurt sentiments of Hindus.... (How can a sentence attacking Hindu Deities, Hindu Dharma and Hindus be posted by mistake on Facebook? Do these people think that Hindus are fools and they would not realise that it was done with purpose? – Editor SP) 

7. He has said, “After publishing of the news, he has immediately removed the matter from his Facbook account.” (What about the other so many statements made by him attacking Hindu Dharma ? Removing the matter from facebok is an eye-wash. – Editor SP)

8. He has said further, “He is always trying to maintain harmony between two religions.” (If it was true, would Dr. Zakir make such despicable statements about Hindu Deities ? – Editor SP)
9. Dr. Zakir has nowhere rendered clear apology.

Complaints lodged at 6 places in Goa

Panaji (Goa) : Complaints have been lodged at 6 places on 25th September, Tuesday in Goa against Dr. Zakir Naik, who insulted Shri Ganesh, that too during Ganesh Festival, hurting religious sentiments of all Hindus and created discord amongst Hindu-Muslims when Ganesh Festival was being celebrated quite peacefully. Complaints have been lodged with police stations at Mudgaon, Kunkalli, Kepe, Kudchade in South Goa and at Panaji and Mapusa in North Goa demanding immediate action against Dr. Naik. It has also been mentioned in the complaint that those involved in preparing the film insulting Shri Ganesh and those who uploaded it, have all hatched a plot to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus and to create friction amongst Hindu-Muslims leading to riots; therefore, case should be filed against all the involved persons and ban should be immediately imposed on Dr. Zakir’s You-tube channel, Facebook and twitter accounts. Paper-cuttings, You-tube and Facebook links have also been enclosed with the complaint.

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  1. Zakir Naik quotes Sri Bhagavad Gita 10:3 -- HE WHO KNOWS ME AS THE UNBORN, AS BEGINNINGLESS AND AS THE SUPREME LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS - this is what Sri Krishna Himself says in the Bhagavad Gita and which Zakir Naik quotes.

    [ So, Zakir Naik is quoting the Bhagavad Gita. He is accepting that Sri Krishna as the ONE TRUE GOD. Great. I invite Zakir Naik to embrace Hinduism and say SHRI KRISHNA SHARANAM MAMAH, JAI SHRI KRISHNA.. ]

    I posted this comment on his facebook page.