Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hindu activists prevent denigration of Shri Ganesh by re-immersion of idols

Karad (Maharashtra) : Many idols of Gauri- Ganapati were immersed on Sunday, the fifth day of Ganesh Festival, in Krushna River. On that day, the water level of the River had reached till the steps of ‘Ghat’, therefore, immersion was done on the ‘Ghat’; but afterwards, water was drained out under ‘Tambhu’ project and release of water from Koyana Dam was stopped leading to decrease in water level of the river. (‘Dharma-drohi’ Govt. always avoids releasing water from dam during Ganeshotsava; what is the reason behind this? Hindus must realise the need to oust such anti-Hindu Govt. ! – Editor SP)

After immersion of idols, the water level immediately reduced on the following day generating rage amongst Ganesh-devotees. The local pro-Hindu organisations and Ganesh-devotees when observed that the idols immersed were lying in the open on the bank of the river, they immediately decided to re-immerse the idols. (Congratulations to devout Hindus for re-immersing Ganesh idols and preventing denigration of Shri Ganesh ! All pro-Hindus should follow this example and acquire the grace of Lord Ganesh ! – Editor SP)

Activists of Shri Shiva-pratishthan, Hindu Ekata Andolan, BJP, office bearers of Ganesh Mandals and HJS so also  employees of Karad Municipality took part in this process. The members of local ‘Enviro – Friends Club’, the so-called protectors of environment showed readiness to immerse the idols in lake; but pro-Hindu organisations and Ganesh-devotees opposed them leading to verbal exchange. (Why only during Ganesh Festival, these so-called environmentalists become active ? Immersion of Ganesh idols, in fact, spreads the ‘sattvikata’ and protects the atmosphere; but when will these environmentalists try to understand the ‘Dharma-shastra’ ? – Editor SP)  Senior Police Inspector, Mr. Muluk and Chief Officer Dagade decided to allow immersion in the river so that religious sentiments were not hurt. About 3000 idols were immersed on that day. (Congratulations to devout Hindus for taking initiative in immersion of Ganesh idols in the river as per ‘Dharma-shastra’ ! – Editor SP)

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