Monday, 24 September 2012

Immersion of Shri Ganesh idols done as per science at Mumbai, Sangli and Pune

  • Progressive organisations and ANS defeated in their own citadel
  • PMC does not release additional water in the river even on 5th day !
  • HJS creates awareness in peaceful manner
  • Devotees turn their back to artificial water tanks at Meera-Bhyandar !

Mumbai : Plan of erecting of water tank was presented by Meera-Bhayndar Municipal Corporation  (MBMC); but only two idols were immersed in that tank; thus it showed that the devotees turned their back to its scheme. MBMC Commissioner Vikramkumar had taken a decision to have artificial water tank; but the local residents opposed it; therefore, Mayor Cathlene Pereira and Dy. Mayor Nur Jehan Husain discussed the matter with the Commissioner and kept the option of artificial water tank open for the devotees; however, the citizens showed their disagreement through their act. (Congratulations to Ganesha-devotees of Meera-Bhyandar for immersing idols in natural water body as per the science! Will the administrative officers learn something from this example and stop attacking faith of Hindus ? – Editor SP)
Report from other places

Mumbai : Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Mayor of Mumbai from Shiv Sena immersed Ganesha-idol in ‘Kahili’.

Sangli (Maharashtra) : Andha-shraddha Nirmulan samiti (ANS), so-called progressive organisations and so-called environment- lovers notice that river-water is polluted only due to immersion of Shri Ganesh idols every year. As such, every year, they make noise about donation of idols instead of immersion. The progressive organisations and ANS feel that Sangli is their citadel. The wise residents of Sangli, however, don’t respond to such appeals made by the anti-Dharma organisations. This year too, the devotees as also Ganesha Mandals immersed Shri Ganesh idols on the second and fifth day in Krushna River with raising slogans like ‘Ganapati Bappa Moraya, Pudh chya Varshi Lavkar Yaa’. 

Many devotees preferred to immerse idols in flowing water. In districts like Satara, Kolhapur, Pune etc. few anti-Dharma organisations undertake the drive of donation of idols. The concept of donation of idols has never been accepted by residents of Sangli; therefore, activists of ANS or similar organisations do not go to Krushna River for collecting idols as donation. Artificial water tanks were kept at Vishrambaug and Miraj but there was hardly any response to them. 

Pune (Maharashtra) : HJS undertook drive for immersion of idols in flowing water as per the science at ‘Nene Ghat, Baba Bhide Pool, S. M. Joshi Pool’ etc. in which about 150 activists of HJS took part. Ganesha-devotees, in response to HJS explanation, immersed the idols in flowing water.

At Nene Ghat, workers of Cummins Company were requesting devotees to immerse idols in water tanks; whereas HJS activists were advising to immerse idols in flowing water. Senior Police Inspector, Seema Mehendale went there and said that in case any complaint was received, activists of both the parties would be driven away.

Additional water was not released in the river for immersion of Ganesha-idols after 1-1/2 day’s celebrations, as also immersion with ‘Gauri’ on 5th day. Many devotees expressed their unhappiness over the same. BJP MLA Girtish Bapat said angrily that the concerned officers were not saying anything about release of water even on the 10 day immersions.

Betrayal by Cummins ! 

HJS activists had met Mr. Ravichandran, an officer and his associates from Cummins few days before Ganesh Festival in connection with immersion of idols. They were explained in details about what happened to the idols after their immersion in water tanks and how it was proper to immerse idols in flowing water as per the science; but they said that municipal corporation only asks them to undertake such drive; they would, however, not force any devotee; still it was observed that the employees of this Company had made 3 groups and forcing devotees at Baba Bhide Pool and Nene Ghat to immerse idols in water tanks. An organisation called ‘Swachha’ also took part in their drive.

Slap to those advising immersion in water tanks !

Mrs. Jaju, Ganesha devotee : All acts as prescribed in Hindu Dharma are proper, therefore, we immersed idol in the river. Will those advising immersion in water tanks, dare to advise such things to followers of other religions ?

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