Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Maharashtra : Complaints filed against Dr. Zakir Naik for insulting Shri Ganesh and Hindu Dharma !

Police threaten Hindus for complaining against Dr. Zakir !

Mumbai : So-called Islamic thinker, Dr. Zakir Naik posted his despicable thoughts through his Facebook account raising doubt against the divinity of Shri Ganesh worshipped by all Hindus; therefore, devout Hindus, Ganesh-devotees and office bearers of Ganeshotsava Mandals, Hindu activists from various Hindu Organisations went to different police stations for lodging complaint against Zakir as their religious sentiments have been hurt. It was expected of Police to register their complaints; but not only Police tried to avoid registering complaints; they also threatened, admonished and accused Hindus. 
More than 150 members of Ganeshotsava Mandals take out march to Chiragnagar Police Station, Ghatkopar !

On learning about this news, more than 150 members of about 10-12 Ganeshotsava Mandals from the area went to the police staion to lodge complaint. They also raised slogans like ‘Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji and action has to be taken against Dr. Zakir Naik’ while entering the police station. 

Police threaten to destroy life of Ganesh-devotees

Staff engaged at this police staion although Hindu, was dissuading Hindus from registering complaints. Police were advising Hindus, ‘Be calm; Dr. Naik is an international personality. Do not get involved in such issues. Forget it. You need not be so angry because your religious sentiments are hurt. With someone’s criticism; importance of God does not diminish. Home Minister will take action. There is no need for you to come here; no need to have such big gathering. You have broken the curfew order. Your every act has been recorded on CCTV. Cases will be filed against members of Ganeshotsava Mandals. Your life will be destroyed.’ Police were bullying pro-Hindu activists and avoiding registering complaints. Police Officer Puri threatened one pro-Hindu activist, Mr. Prashnat Bade that his name would be included in the list of accused.

Office-bearers of Shiv Sena and MNS also become aggressive !

Mrs. Ashwini Mate, the municipal councillor of Shiv Sena and office bearers of MNS were present at the place of incident. They too insisted for registration of complaints. Sentiments of few members of Ganeshotsava Committees became so intense that they said that immersion would not take place till complaints were registered. 

Advocate Subhash Nalawade admonishes police reminding them of their duty !

Advocate Subhash Nalawade went to the police station and admonished the police. He said, “Insult of Shri Ganesh is a cognizable offence under sect. 295 (A), 296 and 298 of Indian Penal Code for hurting religious sentiments. It is the duty of police to take down complaints; therefore, register cases immediately; else I will go to the Police Commissioner and complain.”

Police threaten members to register case for breaking curfew !

Police said, “Case will be filed against members for breaking curfew order.” Replying to such ways of the police, devout adv. Nalawade said, “You can apply whatever clauses you want. I will take care of the matter in Court; but along with that register cases also.” Finally, police had no alternative but to advise for giving representation on letterhead and registering complaint after which they would file case.     

Police shirk from duty at Dadar, Kurla and Thane district

1. Similarly, police were initially trying to avoid registering complaints at Dadar and Kurla; but after explanation given by HJS and other Ganeshotsava Mandals, police agreed to register complaints.

2. In Thane district, Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers had gone to 6 police stations at Dombivali, Kalyan and Murbad; there also, police tried to avoid taking down complaints. They said, “Register your complaint with Cyber Branch or Dy. Police Commissioner instead of this police station. We will take action if he gives orders.” Thus they tried to while away time and gave lame excuses.

Senior police officer at Kurla to present the file reg. Complaints for further action !

On Monday evening, avocate Subhash Nalawade had gone to register complaint at Kurla Police Station; even there, police tried to evade registration of complaint. On Tuesday evening, adv. Subhash Nalawade discussed the matter with senior Police Inspector Bhalerao who assured that the file would be sent to Dy. Commissioner of Police for further action.

Hindus should inform the names of police staff members who tried to protect fanatics !

It was once again proved that police are indifferent to religious semtiments of Hindus. Hindus should collect list of such policemen and send the list to nearest office of Dainik Sanatan Prabhat. The list will be published in the dainik.

Police station which tried to evade registering of complaints 

Mumbai :  1] Ghatkopar, 2] Kurla, 3] Dadar

Thane : 1]Kalyan, 2] Dombivali, 3] Murbad

Complaints lodged at Jalgaon and Kolhapur !

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) : Complaints have been lodged at police stations in Jalgaon and Kolhapur against Hindu-hater, Dr. Zakir Naik. It has been stated in the complaint registered with senior police Inspector at city Police Station, Jalgaon that ‘Dr. Naik has done this with the intention of triggering fight between two factions and it can lead to riots. Dr. Naik has hurt our religious sentiments and ban should be imposed on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.’

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) : Hindu activists lodged complaint with Police Inspector Pratap Poman of Lakshmipuri Police Station when devout Hindus viz. Mr. Rambhau Chavan, Shivanand Swami, Madhukar Nazare, Bajarang Dal’s District-President Mr. Sambhajirao Salunkhe, its city-President Mahesh Ursal, Shiv Sena’s Karveer taluka-chief Raju Yadav, Vidyarthi Sena dy. Chief, Vikram Chougule etc. were present along with few pro-Hindu activists.


  1. if the police - station officer/Crime Commissiner delay the FIR, a private complaint has to be filed with the magistrate.

    i am sure the lawyers know this.

    an FIR must be lodged at all costs

  2. HJS should not only file a police complaint but it should also file an FIR and a court proceedings to get this rabid Islamist arrested.

  3. This man criticizes Lord Ganesh who quite recently performed the miracle of drinking milk through marble and brass statues. He is ridiculous. But it is unrealistic to expect him to understand any of this. After all, he follows Mohammad who was a pedophile (some one who has sex with under age people), liar, plunderer, murderer, polygamist and an intolerant hater.

  4. This protest has no strong base to stand on Because:

    1.We the Vedics are never out to force the Vedic dharma on Zakir or anyone else. So, the non-Hindus are free to think about Ganesh any way they like. (On the same token, we are free to talk about Mohammed any way that is true per Koran, Hadith, and Sira).

    2. Islam is anti-Vedic, and it is not compatible with any other religion. This was the main reason for partition of Bhaarat in 1947. It was success of Islam's agenda - darul-al-harb, darun al-islam to bring kafir land under Islam. (It was a failure of Gandhi or absolute ahimsaa principle.)

    3. Our constant efforts since 1000 years to assimilate Islam in Hindu culture has failed. Now it is time to give up any effort for Hindu-Islam harmony. If the protest is done for the illusive harmony, then that is a foolish idea. Islam never operates for any harmony, except temporarily till Islam gets enough strength to force Islam on others.

    The need is for us and the kafir countries to amend the constitution declaring Islam illegal becasue Islam does not approve any democratic government. It will keep working till sharia become the law and constitution.

    I respect HJS, and know it is going great for the Hindu cause, but on this issue no protest is necessary.

    When dogs bark at elephants, elephants just don't care.
    So, let the anti-Vedics speak any way they like. That should provide us freedom - we actually have it- to say the truth about Islam as it is.
    Remember that we are the victims of Islam since 1000 years.
    It has to stop now.

    jai sri krishna!

  5. It is so sad that we, Hindus, in India cannot do anything at all about it!!

  6. He and along with his religious book should be banned from India. All Hindus should unite and protest for his arrest.