Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nagar : The number of broken Ganesh idols left in ground has come to zero !

Success of education imparted to sellers of Ganesh idols by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti !

Nagar (Maharashtra) : The stalls for sale of Ganesh idols are set up in Gandhi ground every year in large numbers. On the next day after Ganesh Chaturthi, the idols which are broken during sale are left behind in the ground itself. This year, activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti educated the sellers of Ganesh idols regarding this. The sellers of Ganesh idols had also promised to immerse such broken idols. Accordingly, when the activists of Samiti inspected the ground next day after Ganesh Chaturthi, not a single such broken idol was found in the ground. (O Hindus, offer gratitude unto Holy feet of Shrikrushna for this success ! – Editor SP)
For last so many years, broken Ganesh idols were left unattended just during Ganeshotsav period. These were then transported through trucks disposing garbage; even these were used as toys by children. Since last 2 years, the activists of HJS used to collect such broken idols and immerse them in flowing water. However, this year the activists made the sellers of idols realise that their action of leaving behind broken idols results in desecration of Deities.  They were requested to immerse such broken idols in flowing water. Many devotees of Shri Ganesh expressed satisfaction on not finding broken idols on ground.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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