Saturday, 1 September 2012

Strong demonstrations were staged by HJS at Town Hall, Bangalore against the ban on HJS website

Bangalore (Karnataka) : Strong demonstrations were staged by HJS at Town Hall, Bangalore against the ban on HJS website ‘’ imposed by the Central Government without giving any prior notice. Samiti’s Bangalore City Co-ordinator Sri. Chandra Moger addressing the Society said, "The Home Minister said that in the name of Assam violence Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam are sending threatening messages in Mumbai, Lucknow and Kashmir provoking the violence and creating a critical situation in society and mind behind this is Pakistan and its proofs will be shortly given to Pakistan."

Further, Mr. Chandra Moger said "Due to the threatening and warning messages and SMS people from Assam started running back to their native. Government did not do anything to protect them nor did they took any action against the websites (i.e websites like RAZA Academy, Jamat–e-Islami, Popular Front of Inida, etc) which were spreading the rumors and sending violent information thus making the situation critical.  Also Government did not take any action on Moulas who were preaching violence to Muslims. Instead the Central Government without giving any prior notice banned the  which is dedicated to awaken the devotion and respect towards Nation. This shows the Central Government's hatred towards Hindus. 

On we explored the truth behind the violence created in Mumbai, Lucknow and Kashmir due to showing fake photos created by Infiltrators. By this we helped the Government and Police Department. However Central Government instead of stopping the Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam and punishing the Muslims who created violence and damaged National property in Mumbai banned the website as Government is trying to do some thing on this Situation."
Mr. Chandra Moger on behalf of HJS demanded the central  Government should immediately withdraw the ban on Hindu Janajaguti Samiti’s website. Around 80 activists participated in the protest.

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