Sunday, 23 September 2012

‘Test’ causing thoughtful conversion of Hindus cancelled on appeal by devout Hindus !

‘Islamic knowledge test 2012’ proposed be conducted by Students Islamic Organisation of India !

O’ Hindus, express gratitude unto Holy feet of God for this success !

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) : The ‘Islamic knowledge test 2012’ proposed to be conducted on 23rd September among Hindu students, thereby literary converting them on the level of thoughts, by luring them with gifts has been cancelled after Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, along with other devout Hindus presented a memorandum to police authorities. (All Hindus should be cautious that such incidents are not repeated in the nearby schools and colleges ! – Editor SP)

‘Daily Samana’ and ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ had raised the voice against this incident and awakened the people.

Local branch of ‘Students Islamic Organisation of India’, an organisation propagating Islam religion, had organised the above so called ‘Islamic knowledge test 2012’ in ‘Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for women’ college. The test, proposed to be conducted in the question-answer format, contained questions pertaining to criticism on Hindu religion and ennoblement of Islam. (Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and other devout Hindus deserve to be complimented for playing leading role in making efforts in getting the ‘Islamic knowledge test 2012’, aimed at causing thoughtful conversion of Hindus, cancelled ! – Editor SP)

United efforts made by Hindus to get ‘Knowledge test’ cancelled

This incident had angered the Hindus. Taking into consideration the religious sentiments of Hindus, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti submitted a memorandum requesting to cancel the ‘test’ immediately and initiate further action in the matter to Mr. Sanjivkumar, Commissioner of Police, Sambahjinagar. The memorandum elaborated the details of this ‘Test Paper’ which included the material hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. Such act also caused enmity between two communities, which is a punishable crime under the IPC clause 295(A). Therefore, the memorandum requested that this programme, which may also cause law and order situation may be immediately cancelled, and appropriate respect be shown to Hindu Deities and their religious places. On receipt of this memorandum, the Police Commissioner summoned the office-bearers of Muslim organisation and warned them. The office-bearers of Muslim organisation initially agreed to drop the proposal to award the gifts to successful students, but later on gave in writing to cancel the whole exercise itself.

Those present while submitting the above memorandum included Mr. Gopal Kulkarni, Member of Municipal Corporation of Shivsena party, Mr. Anil Patil, Mr. Appa Kulkarni, Mr. Subhash Kumavat of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Mr. Sanjay Patil of Raje Chhatrapati Yuva Manch, Advocate Harshal Shinde, Mr. Anil Kardak of Beti Bachao Andolan, Mr. Sahebrao Sabale of Shivsena, Mr. Ashok Kulakarni and Mr. Shankar Jadhav of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, all devout Hindus.

While discussing above incident with the devout Hindus, Mr. Sanjivkumar, Police Commissioner, raised a question as to why Hindus do not propagate their religion by conducting similar tests. He advised them to distribute Shrimadbhagavadgita on the lines of Kuran being distributed by Muslims. The devout Hindus replied him that they do not criticise any religion while propagating their Dharma.

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