Thursday, 13 September 2012

Very Important instruction for Coordinators of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) !

Unification of all Hindus in this country, will be the main mission !

Unification of all Hindus in this country is going to be the main mission undertaken through the medium of HJS. This mission of Hindu unity will have to be undertaken at every level and field like through various organisations, journalists, advocates, industrialists, social workers, teachers etc. Now, every drive has to be undertaken keeping unity of Hindus as the goal.

Important opportunity from the viewpoint of uniting journalists – editors !

A Seminar will be organised by HJS at Mumbai on Saturday, 15th September to protest, in lawful manner, against attacks on representatives of media and dangers befalling on Nation and Hindu Dharma. HJS has organised a seminar for journalists and editors. In this seminar, an organisation called ‘Deshbhakta Hindu Patrakar Sangh (DHPS)’ is going to be established. This organisation will represent and unite all patriotic and devout journalists from all over the country. It is an opportunity for us to unite journalists / reporters spread across the country. In this background, the topic of establishment of DHPS has to be explained to all devout and patriotic reporters from every district and they are to be motivated to participate in this mission. The district – coordinators of HJS should send information about the journalists and editors of patriotic and devout periodicals viz. their names, address, periodical or news channel they belong to, telephone / cell number, e-mail id, their specialities etc. by 14th September in the name of Mr. Madhav Gadgil on his email-id. They will be sent news, principles and aims and drives related to DHPS. – Mr. Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, HJS 

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