Monday, 1 October 2012

Building of water tank for Ganesh idol immersion cancelled after HJS representation

Phaltan (Dist. Satara, Maharashtra) : Artificial water tanks were to be built by the Town Council on the occasion of ‘Anant Chaturdashi’ for immersion of idols. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), however, raised objection to this; therefore, building of water tank was cancelled.  (Hindus should offer gratitude at the holy feet of Shri Ganesh and Shrikrushna for this success ! HJS is able to prevent damage caused to Dharma only due to the divine support it has ! – Editor SP)

Activists of HJS met the Chief Officer, Mr. Pradeep Sathe and submitted a representation to him explaining the importance of immersion of idols in flowing water. A proof of immersion not causing pollution was also submitted. Mr. Sathe informed that he had received orders from his seniors for building artificial water tank. HJS activists asked for the papers advising such construction of water tank but Mr. Sathe did not have them. They therefore, insisted for cancellation of building of water tank which Mr. Sathe had to finally accept and accordingly, he issued instructions to his staff. HJS activists, Mr. Ashish Kapase, Mr. Mangesh Khandare, Mr. Shrikant Lipare and Mr. Uday Ozarde were present on the occasion.

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