Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Goa : HJS demands to stop the screening of anti-hindu films in the State and IFFI

HJS demands to Goa Government through demonstrations at Panaji : Stop the screening of the anti-hindu films in the State and in the forthcoming IFFI, disolve the Censor Board

Panaji (Goa) : Flims like ‘O, My God !,’ ‘Shudra – The Rising’ and ‘Student of the Year’, are being screened presently in the State, so also the film ‘Deool’ to be screened at IFFI festival have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus very badly. This will cause unrest and harm religious harmony in the State, thus causing law and order situation. Hence the screening of these films should be stopped immediately. At the same time, disolve Central Sensor Board by taking legal action against it immediately and a Hindu representative should be appointed on the Board. Also do not invite the producer and actor Akshay Kumar, of the Anti-Hindu film, ‘O, My God’ for the inaugural function of IFFI. Legal action also should be taken against actor Akshay Kumar. Avoid the unnecessary expenses on IFFI and spend it for development in the State, is a demand made by state coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), Dr. Manoj Solanki to the Goa Government. Dr Manoj Solanki had made this demand in a demonstrations organised by HJS near INOX in Panaji today.
Demonstrations commenced with prayers and blowing of counch shell. Mr. Govind Chodankar of HJS explained the purpose behind the demonstrations. Spontaneous slogans like ‘Dismiss the Censor Board’, were given at the venue. Devout Hindus attending the demonstrations had also carried banners giving the same messages. Thereafter Dr. Manoj Solanki made the above mentioned demands with the Goa Government while addressing the demonstrators. Mr. Rajesh Korgaokar explained to the gathering how religious sentiments of Hindus being hurt in the films ‘O, My God’ and ‘Sudra – The rising’. He also gave information about the agitation started by HJS opposing the films. Mrs. Rajashri Gadekar of Ranaragini, HJS explained how Radha, the devotee of Srikrushna had been denigrated in the film, ‘Student of the Year’. She also made an appeal to all present to demand that the Goa Government should pressurise the Central Sensor Board to stop the screening of the said film. Devout Hindus also addressed the gathering.

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