Wednesday, 3 October 2012

HJS activist taken into custody for opposing ‘Donation drive’ of Shri Ganesh idols and later released !

Activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) were explaining to the devotees, science behind immersion of idols in flowing water. Workers of few ‘Dharma-drohi’ organizations and Police were however, forcing the devotees to donate their idols instead of immersion. Police, therefore, arrested one activist of HJS and detained him for an hour in police station.

Govt., Administration and eminent personalities force immersion in artificial water tanks

This year, all officers from one Town Council, its employees, Police, eminent persons from society, reporters etc. supported the drive of ‘donation of idols’ under the banner of an organisation called ‘Environment Forum of India’.  All the above people along with local doctors, engineers, advocates etc. were advising devotees to hand over the idols to them instead of immersion in the name of preservation of environment and the purpose of the drive was to get noticed by and get favours from a local famous personality. Awareness created by HJS activists !  

HJS activists explained to all of them the importance of immersing idols in water on which the dignitaries said that it would pollute the canal water and after stoppage of water released in the canal, broken parts of idols would be lying everywhere. As per the times, the manner of celebration has to be changed. Immersion of idols in water should be stopped as it is the need of the hour. 
HJS activists prohibited and arrested for ‘creating awareness’ !

Owing to the explanation given by HJS activists, devotees started going for immersion in flowing water. The workers of organizations brought the police. Police said, “Don’t tell all these things to people.” HJS activists, therefore, asked the Police that why should be they stopped from explaining ‘Dharma-shastra’? The dy. Police Inspector immediately called up his senior on being questioned and apprised him of the situation. Then the senior Police Inspector (PI) reached the venue and started bullying HJS activists, instructing them that they should not explain people about the science. The activists questioned him ‘whether it was an offence to create awareness; nobody opposes the pollution happening throughout the year. Scientists have given a report that immersion of Ganesh idols does not cause pollution. In fact, actions of the other organizations are creating obstacle in religious acts of Hindus, so they should be stopped.’ Hearing this, the senior PI got angry and ordered his subordinates to immediately take HJS activists into custody and take them to police station. The activists asked as to why they were being taken into custody and what their offence was when they were told that it was their offence to create obstacles in carrying out governmental duties and causing law and order problem. The activists were taken to the police station and made to sit there for 1 and half hours. They were later released giving notice under sect.149.

Mayor argues with Sanatan seekers and prohibits immersion of idols !

The mayor of the place went to the site of immersion and aggressively told Sanatan seeker, “You are making people immerse idols in water which is very wrong. We have employed a big machinery to save water from pollution. Instead of cooperating with us, why are you working against us?” When the seeker explained her the science, the mayor got angrier and said, “See the need of the hour.” We have more devotion for Shri Ganesh. We worship God throughout the year, hold programs; but we do not come only on this day to advise people.” The seeker tried to explain that the Ganesh Festival drive was going on for a month. The councilor accompanying the mayor said, “When pollution occurs during the whole year, Sanatan people don’t come. Why are you telling people? Let us do our job. Don’t create obstacles”, he threatened.  
Police from Intelligence Dept. threaten HJS activists !
Police from Intelligence Dept. said, “All of us including Tehsildar, Zonal Officer, Chief Officer, Mayor and other social organizations are undertaking this drive. You should have attended our meeting and expressed your opinion. How can you just come and oppose? We have video-recorded everything. Your activist has been arrested. Now, you leave; else action will be taken against you.”

Chairman of cooperative bank opposes without trying to understand Dharma-karya undertaken by HJS !

Chairman of one cooperative bank said to an activist who was being taken to police station, “We are also pro-Hindu activists. We help you in your ‘Dharma-sabhas’ and all other programs. Today, when all local residents of Baramati have given good response to our drive and they are handing over the idols to us on their own, why are you opposing? This is not right; you have to cooperate with us.” The activist explained the science to him. Then also, he said that what HJS was doing was not right. He said, “You tell people not to circulate handbill against us.” Help by pro-Hindu activists !

1] When HJS activist called up pro-Hindu activists, VHP activists, office bearers and advocates immediately tried for release of HJS activist.

2] Advocate of Shiva-pratishthan also extended help.

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