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HJS demands cancellation of certificate issued to Hindi film ‘Oh My God !’

Grave insult of Bhagavan Shrikrushna and seats of worship ! 

Mumbai :  In the Hindi film titled ‘Oh My God (OMG)’ released recently, there is grave insult of Bhagavan Shrikrushna and Hindus’ objects of worship. Hindus all over the country are strongly reacting against this film. Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, the district coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for Mumbai, Thane and Raigad has written a letter to the Film Censor Board demanding cancellation of the certificate issued to this film for screening.

1. In this film produced by Akshaykumar and directed by Mr. Umesh Shukla, it has been shown that ‘a case is been filed against God in a Court’.
2. During the arguments by the petitioner and the respondent, there is lot of criticism on various customs and traditions followed in Hindu Dharma.
3. Akshay kumar playing the role of Bhagavan Srikrushna has been shown in wetsren attire.
4. It is shown that in place of ‘Sudarshan-chakra’, a key-chain is revolving round his finger.
5. Actor Mr. Paresh Raval, who tries to prove that there is no God, makes many statements insulting Hindu Deities.
6. There are scenes of a person mixing liquor in ‘Ganga-jal’ and spitting in the plate used for performing ‘aarti’.  

Devout Hindus are registering protest on the following address

Chief Zonal Officer, Central Board of Film Certification, Bharat Bhavan, 91-E, Walkeshewar Road, Mumbai – 400 004;
Phone : +91-22-23694343, 23625770
Fax : +91-22-23690083, 23626432

Amid protests, no ‘OMG Oh My God!’ in most Punjab towns

September 28, 2012
Due to protests by several organisations over alleged derogatory references to Hindu deities, the Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal movie ‘OMG Oh My God!’ could not be screened in major cities of Punjab, even as it was released worldwide on Friday.

In Jalandhar, the police called representatives of the protesting organisations for a preview, but the plan was cancelled.

“The police have assured us that no screening would be done in the city before satisfying the agitating organisations and removing controversial scenes,” said Nimisha Mehta, vice-president of the Punjab Pradesh Mahila Congress, who led the protests.

“If the police get the film released, people will not tolerate it and the cops will be responsible for the consequences of people’s ire,” she added.

Varlochan Singh of the film’s regional distributors, Ginni Arts, informed, “The movie could not be screened at Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Nawanshahr, Hoshiarpur and one or two other places of Punjab. In the rest of the circuit that covers Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pardesh, no protest was noticed.”

“We are waiting for the clearance from the police for screening the film in the areas where there have been protests,” he added.

Additional deputy commissioner of police Navjot Singh Mahal, when contacted, said, “We are working to find an amicable solution.”
Source : Hindustan Times

Oh My God: Police complaint against Akshay, Paresh Rawal

September 26, 2012

A senior Punjab Mahila Congress leader of Punjab has lodged a complaint with Jalandhar police against film actors Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal for their film 'Oh My God' (OMG) along with the producer, director and writer of the film for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.

State Mahila Congress vice president Nimisha Mehta along with presidents of three Hindu organizations in her complaint to Commissioner of Police has described the dialogues and sequences of the film in which Hindu beliefs and practices have been ridiculed. Meanwhile she has also sent legal notices through her counsels to Akshay, Rawal and others for deleting these portions and to tender and apology.

The complaint has pointed out that a scene picturized on Paresh Rawal, latter is shown is purchasing idols of divine Hindu gods, and uttering these words (dialogues) "Ek dozen bade pet wale Ganpati de, aath body builder Hannuman de, dhai sau wala Krishan de, Panch tiger wale de (Sheranwali mata), teen dozen ho gaye, teen Sai Baba to bonus me milega kya".

The complained has said that Hindus perform their worship through idols of the icons and these serve as a tangible link between the worshiper and God. "The image is often considered a manifestation of God, since God is imminent," the complaint has said while also quoting from Padma Purana.

"I n the next scene picturized in a bus on Paresh Rawal and various other artistes, it has been shown that liquor like substance is being poured into sacred pot (Gangajal) and various characters are being shown drinking the substance from it and when a female character questions "isme kya hai?", Paresh Rawal are shown uttering these words "Gangajal hai".

It has also mentioned another sequence where Akshay and Rawal respectively speak "Main bhagwan hoon", "Hamare bhagwan aise nahi hote hain bare body", and then Akshay again replies, "Kya ha abhi mera latest photo facebook pe update nahi hua".

Apart from Akshay and Rawal, director and writer Umesh Shukla, writer Bhavesh Mandalia have also been named in the film or deliberately and intentionally, outraging and hurting the religious feelings, beliefs and sentiments of complainant, as the dialogues and scenes in picture shows disrespect and insult towards the Hindu religion , its belief and practices.

Source : TOI

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  1. I too believe that the greatest dharma is the Hindu dharma.. but i dont believe in just going with the flow. i appreciate the attachment to the hindu dharma of this community. and i too have.

    i didnt find any points that much strong to block this movie. but my point is that there shouldn't be only about hindu.. there should be about muslim, christian and so many religions out there. for everyone of them, there should be something more.