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Inquiry of HJS Coordinator Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari of Solapur by police from Special Branch

If the police, instead of wasting their time in inquiry and collecting information about individuals engaged in mission of the nation and Dharma concentrate their energy in the investigation of terrorists, the terrorist activities in the country would have been eliminated by this time !

Police breaking law by asking personal questions, and insisting on taking a photograph by using the mobile phone

Solapur (Maharashtra) : Presently, the police are making inquiries about District Coordinators of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. Two Police from Special Branch have recently made inquiries by visiting the residence of Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari, District Coordinator for Solapur, Beed and Dharashiv districts. (How male police personnel are deputed for inquiry of a woman ? Hindu ladies, oppose the male policemen if they approach you for inquiry ! – Editor SP)

The police have made inquiries about the source of finances for her family. Similarly, they insisted on taking her photograph on mobile phone. (The police make an inquiry by breaking the law in Solapur district from where the Home Minister of the country Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde hails. This is the most contradictory I – Editor SP) At the time of inquiry, Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari answered firmly and staunchly to all the questions posed by the police. The police had to retreat. (Hindus, give answers firmly to the questions by police by emulating the firmness displayed by Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari ! – Editor SP)

Dialogue between Mrs. Rajashri Tiwari and Police

Police : We have come from Special Branch. We want to make an inquiry about you. (Police are breaking the law by wasting time and money of public on making inquiry when Mrs. Tiwari has not committed any crime, no complaint is lodged against her, and police has not taken legal permission. Samiti has informed that it will lodge a complaint against police with Women’s Rights Commission and Human Rights Commission. – Editor SP) This is a regular inquiry. (Whether Mrs. Tiwari is hardcore criminal to institute such regular inquiry against her ? – Editor SP) You do not take tension. (Now, it is a turn of public to demand clarification from the police who cause unnecessary tension to the general public in the first place and then, on the top of it, advise them not to take any tension ! – Editor SP) We are also devout Hindus. These politicians bow before the opinion of 'these' (fanatic) people. Hence, the situation in Solapur has badly deteriorated. The Commissioner of Police has been transferred under the pressure brought by these people. (Why police are so scared of ‘these’ religious fanatics, if they are aware of these facts ? Do they visit the residences of these religious fanatics and make such inquiries ? – Editor SP)  
Police : What is your name ?

Mrs. Tiwari : Will you show me your identity card ? (One of the policemen displayed his identity card. Other one did not.) (Hindus, do not give any information to any individual who claim to be from the police department but does not produce his identity card. Lodge a complaint against such individual with the police! Verify the identity cards of all policemen and maintain all the details with you ! – Editor SP)

Mrs. Tiwari : What is your name ? (Mrs. Tiwari deserves all the admiration for asking the names of policemen first who asked her own name and insisting on his identity card ! – Editor SP) One policeman told his name as Amar Jadhav and other the one as Joshi. Jadhav displayed his identity card.

Police : Do you work in Ranaragini ?

Mrs. Tiwari : Yes (Mrs. Tiwari behaving like a true Ranaragini while being active in Ranaragini ! – Editor SP)
Police : Which post do you hold ?

Mrs. Tiwari : There is no post as such in Samiti.

Police pretending that they are devout Hindus by speaking against religious fanatics !

Police : How do you carry your activities ?

Mrs. Tiwari : We tried to unite all women, but did not receive much response. Hence there are no activities at present.

Police : We Hindus do not get united, whereas, 'they' (fanatics) come on streets even on the slightest pretext. (Police torture, by way of making inquiries, the activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti who try to unite Hindus, whereas the same police get thrashed by the religious fanatics who take to streets by getting united ! Do the police feel that Hindus should also adopt same tactics as adopted by these religious fanatics against police who torture Hindus by way of making inquiries ? – Editor SP)   

Mrs. Tiwari : I agree with you. Just look at the state of police caused by the procession organised by Raza Academy in Mumbai !

Police : Are not Sanatan and Samiti one and same ? (If these policemen would have been true devout Hindus, they will have expressed their opinion on Raza Academy. However, they kept quiet even after suffering atrocities. This means Hindus have no objection in assuming that police like to get thrashed by fanatics ! – Editor SP)
Mrs. Tiwari : No. Both these organisations are separate and nature of their activities is also different.

Police : Even my home (While pointing towards Vastuchhat) has all such name strips etc. We also like all this. (Psychology of police to earn trust of activists ! – Editor SP)

Police breaking laws by making unnecessary inquiry about the financial status of Mrs. Tiwari !

Police : What is the occupation of your husband ? We learnt he had a business. What type ? (This makes clear that police already possessed all the information about Mrs. Tiwari before approaching her ! – Editor SP)

Mrs. Tiwari : His business was about hardware and sanitary wares. You know the current situation. It is difficult to run a business; hence we had closed it.

Police : Then what is a source of income now ? (If the police wanted to inquire about the activities, it is illegal to inquire about personal, and moreover about financial, matters. The police should be made to realise this at the time of inquiry. – Editor SP) 

Mrs. Tiwari : My husband distributes Daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, and we have some farm land.

Police breaking law by insisting on taking a photograph on mobile phone !

Police : Have you got your photograph ?

Mrs. Tiwari : For what ?

Police : Just wanted.

Mrs Tiwari : No. I do not have.

Police : Search, might have been printed  in a magazine etc.

Mrs. Tiwari : No

Police : Can I snap one on mobile phone ? (It is patently unlawful to insist for clicking a photograph of an individual without legal requirement. Lodge a complaint in Police Station against the misconduct of policeman ! – Editor SP)

Mrs. Tiwari : No. How can you take such a photograph ? (Her voice developed sudden dread automatically.) You cannot do something like this.

Police (On getting little confused) : All right, all right. (This goes on to prove that if you threaten policemen lawfully, they keep quiet. – Editor SP)

Mrs. Tiwari remaining firm on opposing police against asking personal questions !

Police : What is the occupation of your son ? What about him ?

Mrs. Tiwari : I have given you information about me and my activities. Why are you inquiring about my son ? (All Hindus should follow the ideal example of Mrs. Tiwari who replied firmly and fearlessly to police inquiry made despite her having committed no crime or absence of any complaint against her ! – Editor SP) 
Police : All right. Let it be. This was just a routine inquiry. (What is the meaning of routine inquiry ? Do the police think that making an inquiry is child’s play, so that inquiry can be made anytime, anywhere, and of anyone ? – Editor SP) We will also join in your activities after retirement. (Those, who have ardent desire to work for the nation and Dharma, do not make inquiries about the individuals engaged in such mission but instead support them ! – Editor SP)

Police collecting information from well-wisher !

Police had made inquiries about Mrs. Tiwari with a well-wisher a night earlier, before arriving at the residence of Mrs. Tiwari. The well-wisher had provided the information only about the neighbourhood of her residence. (The fact that police could reach the residence of Mrs. Tiwari just on the basis of information about the neighbourhood of her residence proves that the police had all the information on Mrs. Tiwari. If the police, instead of wasting their time in inquiry and collecting information about individuals engaged in mission of the nation and Dharma concentrate their energy in the investigation of Jihadi terrorists, the terrorist activities in the country would have been eliminated by this time ! – Editor SP)

Police had inquired with Mr. Yashpal Wadkar of Samiti about Ranaragini branch few days earlier.

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