Monday, 1 October 2012

Lions Club desecrates Ganesh-idols accepted by way of ‘Donations’; HJS lodges complaint

Strong rage amongst Ganesh-devotees

Nashik (Maharashtra) : A drive for donation of Ganesh idols was undertaken by Lions Club of Nashik at Panchavati on the day of immersion. While carrying the idols thus collected by way of donation in a truck, one idol fell down on the road and was broken completely. It, however, remained lying on the road with nobody taking quick action to pick up the idol.

The Ganesh-devotees were very angry about this incident and a complaint has been lodged by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). (Ganesh-devotees must have realised how the so-called social organisations desecrate worshipped idols after collection. It is, therefore, necessary that Ganesh-devotees immerse the idols in flowing water abiding by Dharma rather than committing sin of donating idols. – Editor SP)  

A drive was undertaken by Lions Club of Nashik at Panchavati for donation of idols. The members of Lions Club collected the idols from Ganesh- devotees at the time of immersion. The collected idols were being taken in a truck when one idol fell down breaking completely. One activist of HJS saw this and immediately brought the matter to the notice of the Police lodging complaint with Sarkarwada Police Station. Police carried out ‘Panchnama’ of the broken idol. Ganesh-devotees expressed their anger on seeing the damaged idol. Mrs. Malati Kamankar, a member of ‘Savings Group’ said to the devotees, “Now don’t pick up the idol. Let people know what happens when an idol is donated.” The local Municipal Corporation, ‘Urja Nirmalya Sankalan Kendra’, Maratha Vidyalaya and Vidyarthi Kruti Samiti undertook similar drive, for donation of idols. 

HJS drive for immersion of Ganesh–idols

HJS undertook a drive for immersion of idols as per ‘Dharma-shastra’ at Goda Park, Nashik. Activists of HJS carried boards appealing to people for immersion of diols as per ‘Dharma-shastra’ and distributed pamphlets explaining the science behind immersion thus creating awareness amongst devotees. A book-exhibition was put up by ‘Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskruti Sanstha’ which received very good response from Ganesh devotees. The devotees also took benefit of the facility offered by Sanatan to book ‘sattvik’ Ganesh idols prepared by Sanatan for the next year.

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