Monday, 15 October 2012

Maharashtra : Complaints lodged against Dr. Zakir Naik and Mr. Jairam Ramesh

Jaisingpur (Maharashtra) : A complaint against Dr. Zakir Naik demanding immediate action against him was lodged with Mr. Jaysing Risavadkar, Assistant Police Inspector of Jaysingpur Police station by devout Hindus. On this occasion Mr. Sanjay Vaidya of BJP, Mr. Satish Malame, Shirol Taluka Pramukh of Shiv Sena and activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti Mr. Umesh Lambe, Mr. Sanjay Ghatage, Mr. Anant Kulkarni etc were present. Mr. Risavadkar agreed to forward the complaint to competent superior authorities immediately.

Along with above complaint, a memorandum demanding registration of crime against and awarding punishment to Minister of Central Government Mr. Jairam Ramesh for regarding temples of lesser importance than toilets was submitted in Jaysingpur Police Station by Dr. Umesh Lambe, Mr. Jitendra Rathi and Mr. Sanjay Ghatage. (Congratulations to devout Hindus of Jaysingpur for taking lawful action against traitors to Dharma ! – Editor SP) 

Jalgaon : Memorandum submitted with demand to take action on Mr. Jairam Ramesh

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) : A memorandum against Mr. Jairam Ramesh for his anti-Hindu statements was submitted to the Collector of Jalgaon on behalf of Hindu Janjagruti samiti. Advocate Govind Tiwari, State President of Hindu Mahasabha, Mr. Mohan Tiwari, Shiv sena, Mr. Liladhar Vaghulde of Sanatan Sanstha and, Mr. Aditya Dharmadhikari and Mr. Paresh Vani of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti were present during the occasion.

Memorandums submitted to various MLAs and MPs for taking action against Dr. Zakir Naik

Hindus submitting memorandum to MLA Bhagavanrao Salunkhe

Sangli (Maharashtra) : A memorandum requesting to make efforts to initiate action against Dr. Zakir Naik for his statements denigrating Shri Ganesh and protest against the ban on website ‘’ was submitted to MLAs Mr. Bhagavanrao Saliunkhe and Mr. Suresh Khade, and MP Mr. Rajushetty yesterday. On this occasion Mr. Lakshmidas Mayaekar and Mr. Ashok Limakar of Hindu Janjagruti samiti were present.

Mr. Jairam Ramesh should tender apologies to Hindus ! – Shiv Sena

Beed (Maharashtra) : Central Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus by making a statement that toilets are more sacred than temples. He should tender public apologies to Hindus for this crime. Otherwise Shiv Sena will give him fitting reply it its ‘usual’ way. This warning was issued by Mr. Jaysing (Mama) Chungade, Up-Jillha Pramukh of Shiv Sena vide a press note. The note further states :
  • A crime should be registered against Mr. Jairam Ramesh !
  • Hindus will never forgive Mr. Jairam Ramesh !
  • Why secular Congressmen express their ire only against Hindu temples ? 

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