Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mumbai : HJS submits representations for ban on fire crackers denigrating Hindu Deities

Memorandum submitted to the Mayor of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the Collector for banning the sale of fire crackers to stop denigration of Hindu Deities and National Heroes !

Mumbai : Fire crackers are burst on a large scale for the purpose of entertainment on the occasion of Diwali, other festivals, and functions. Due to these activities, in addition to causing pollution, ill effects are observed at the physical, mental, financial, and spiritual levels. Similarly, denigration of Deities and national heroes takes place through the pictures appearing on the fire crackers.

Therefore, a memorandum was submitted to Mr. Sunil Prabhu, Mayor of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Mr. Chandrashekhar Oak, Collector Mumbai District by Coordinator of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti Mr. Shivaji Vatkar. In this memorandum, request was made to issue a notification to ban the sale of such harmful fire crackers through the shops and establishments under the jurisdiction of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the District, and initiate necessary action against person flouting the directives. Mr. Satish Sonar of HJS was also present on this occasion.

Assurance by Mayor and Collector to direct the concerned by issuing notification !

On this occasion, The Mayor and Collector gave patient hearing to the delegation of Samiti and perused the memorandum submitted by Samiti. Later, the Mayor and Collector assured the delegation of Samiti that a notification will be issued to direct the concerned agencies and offices to take appropriate action in this regard.

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