Monday, 1 October 2012

Pune : ‘Ranaragini’, women wing of HJS joins immersion procession

Be ready for protection of culture following the example of ‘Ranaraginis’ : ‘Ranaragini’ joins immersion procession of ‘Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganeshotsava Mandal’

Pune (Maharashtra) : In the immersion procession of Shri Ganesh idol installed by ‘Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganeshotsava Mandal’, which holds the second position in ranking, women’s squad of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) called ‘Ranaragini (women showing bravery on battle field)’ took part. 40 armed women from the squad were holding boards creating awareness amongst people on topics like ‘female feticide’ etc.  The members of the squad wearing saffron turbans, traditional dresses and their ‘Kshatra-tej’ turned out to be an attraction of the procession.
Many slogans were raised by the squad like ‘Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram’, ‘Ooth Bhagini, Jaagi ho, Chandi-Durga-Gargi ho’, ‘Karu Hindu Sanskruti che Aacharan; Palavaun laavu Pashchantyanche Andhaanukaran’, ‘Hum Bharat ki naari hai, Phool nahi chingari hai’ etc. which generated ‘Kshatra-tej’ in the atmosphere challenging for establishment of Hindu Nation. This is the second year of ‘Ranaraginis’joining immersion procession.  

HJS creates protection ring for ‘Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganapati’ during immersion procession

HJS had created a protection ring around the idol of ‘Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganapati’ so as to facilitate Ganesh-devotees to take ‘darshan’ of the Ganapati idol. HJS activists were letting the devotees in one line for ‘darshan’ in disciplined manner. This is the 4th year of HJS providing such security cover for Ganapati idol.

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