Sunday, 28 October 2012

Revival of Hindu Dharma necessary for eliminating corruption ! – Dr. Swamy

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) : The root cause of all problems faced by this country is corruption. Revival of Sanatan Hindu Dharma is necessary for eradication of corruption; because Hindu Dharma lays more emphasis on sacrifice than on accumulation of money. Spiritualization of whole country is required to be done, stated Dr. Subramanian Swamy, MP of Janata Dal. He was speaking in a program ‘Mahadji Abhyankar Smruti Vyakhyanmala’ held at ‘Sant Eknath Rangmandir’ by ‘Devgiri Nagari Sahakari Bank and Marathwada Yuvak Vikas Mandal’. Mr. Haribhau Bagade, former MLA presided over the program.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy said

1.  Mr. A. Raja has received commission of Rs. 60,000 crores in 2-G Spectrum scam. Out of which,  he kept Rs. 4000 Crores for self and gave balance to Congress President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the then Home Minister P. Chidambaram and other seniors.
2. In terms of the law passed by United Nations Organization, Rs. 70,00, 000 crores of black money can be brought back to India; but the Indian Government is not giving such instructions.
3. The black money lying with other countries is exchanged through the medium of criminals in Dubai and gulf countries. These transactions are, therefore, controlled by ISI and it has all information about money held by respective leaders; therefore, Indian rulers take no action against terrorism sponsored by ISI.
4. Therefore, Ajmal Kasab or Mohammad Afzal are not yet executed.HJS meets Dr. Swamy
After the said program, Mr. Ashok Kulkarni, Mr. Rushikesh Devadikar, Mr. Mahendra Pujari of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Mr. Sharad Chawda, Advocate Suresh Kulkarni of Sanatan Sanstha met Dr. Swamy. They presented him with few Sanatan publications. Dr. Swamy accepted the invitation to attend the Second all India Hindu Convention of HJS.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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