Monday, 8 October 2012

Saying, ‘Necessary action will be taken against Dr. Zakir !’ - Home Minister throws dust in the eyes of Hindus

Tasgaon (Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra) : A case has been filed against Dr. Zakir; he has also rendered apology in this matter; but we will not leave him and take necessary action, promised Mr. R. R. Patil, the State Home Minister to delegation of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS).  (Many days have passed since Dr. Zakir insulted Shri Ganesh and devout Hindus are lodging complaints at various places against him; but police are trying to oppose lodging of complaints at some places or not taking any action despite registering many complaints. The Home Minister immediately imposed ban on screening of a film titled ‘Innocence of Muslims’ for insulting Prophet Mohammad. Why is he taking so long for imposing ban on the speeches of Dr. Zakir on his ‘Face book’, ‘You Tube’ accounts or on his “Peace’ TV channel? The rulers, who apply one rule to Hindus and another to Muslims, should be overthrown; as establishment of Hindu Nation is the only solution to these problems ! – Editor) 

A representation was submitted to the Home Minister in case of Dr. Zakir insulting Sri Ganesha when he gave the above promise to the delegation of HJS.

Mr. Puran Malame, an activist of HJS said, “No action has been taken against Dr. Zakir although complaints have been lodged against him at many places; therefore, the Home Minister should look into the matter.” Devout Hindus, Mr. Jeevan Patil, Jagannath Patil, Sachin Kulkarni, Vilas Pol, Kiran Jamdade etc. were present on the occasion.

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