Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sindhudurg : Devout Hindus lodge complaint against Dr. Zakir Naik at 2 places

Kudal (Maharashtra) : Devout Hindus have lodged complaint with Kudal and Malwan police stations in Sindhudurg district against so-called Islamic Thinker Dr. Zakir Naik. Police Inspector (PI) Sanjay Sable from Malawan Police Station said that further action would be taken after discussing the matter with senior police officers. PI Gopinath Rathod of Kudal Police Station said while accepting the application that it was wrong to insult Shri Ganesh and the Government should have taken action by now.

Malwan Police first refuse to register complaint

1. PI Sanjay Sable from Malawan Police Station first refused to accept the complaint application.
2. PI Sable said, “We cannot register the complaint here. A complaint is lodged where the incident takes place.”
3. On this the devout Hindus said, “Complaints were lodged against M F Husain. If an incident hurting our religious sentiments occurs in America, should we go there to lodge complaint? Will we not lodge complaint in India?”
4. After this, Sable accepted the complaint and promised to make inquiry and take action.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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