Sunday, 28 October 2012

The second ‘All India Hindu Adhiveshan’ to be held at Prayagraj (Allahabad)

Proud Hindu organisations in 6 states have taken the initiative to organise the second ‘All India Hindu Convention’ during Kumbhamela at Prayagraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh between 19th - 22nd February 2013. In view of this, we humbly request all the proud Hindus desirous of attending the convention to cooperate by sending the information as given ahead.

1. Devout Hindu organisations attending the Convention should send the following information by 20th December 2012 !

1A. Information about the delegates attending the Convention !

1. Name of the organisation, Number of delegates attending the convention (Men/Women with their age)
2. Information about prolonged stay in Prayagraj beyond the period of the Convention
3. Details of journey regarding arrival in Prayagraj
4. Ability to converse and read in Hindi ?

1B. Information about organisation

Information about the organisation as given ahead is to be sent by the members of the organisations, attending the Hindu Convention for the first time. All the mails containing the below mentioned information should be addressed to Mr. Shivaji Vatkar so as to reach him latest by 30th November 2012.

1. Name of the organisation, Head Office and Year of establishment
2. Objective of establishing the organisation and introduction of its founders, names of main leaders of organisation
3. Activities (Such as, Goraksha, protection of culture, protection of Dharma, awareness about Dharma, propagation of Yoga, Hindu Unity etc.)
4. Size of jurisdiction (Such as, District level, State level, National, International)
5. Diverse nature of activities and their features, characteristics of experiences and success achieved
6. Contact number of organisation, website address, e-mail address

The devout Hindus, who attended first convention, need not send above information.

2. Other instructions

2A. Residential and dining arrangements for the devout Hindus arriving for the Convention will be made in 10,000 sq. ft. tent (Mandap) erected for the Convention.

2B. Delegates to the Convention are requested to reserve their to and fro tickets well in advance. The dates of the convention will be intimated to all after finalisation.

2C. If your organisation desires to present any distinctive topic in the Convention, the details of such a topic in writing may please be sent to organisers by 30th November.

2D. Names and detailed information of the organisations attending the Convention will be sent to all 15 days prior to the Convention.
This information will help the delegates to know about other organisations attending the Convention. It will also be convenient for you to go thorough their websites for further information. This will save time for introduction with each other during the convention.

2E. Take the initiative to organise the conference of Saints !

On behalf of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and devout Hindus active all over the country for the mission to establish the Hindu Rashtra, 3 conferences of Saints for the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra will be organised on the occasion of Kumbhamela at Prayag (Allahabad). The proposed dates of these conferences are; First on 20th January, Second on 29th January and the third on 8th February for 2 days. In view of this, cooperation, as mentioned ahead, is expected from devout Hindus.

1. Devout Hindus should inform the names, the activities, and contact sources of following personalities with whom they are in contact : Heads of Dharma Peethas active for the cause of Nation and Dharma, Heads of Akhadas, Dharmacharyas, Mahamandaleshvar, Sant- Mahant, Siddha personalities etc.

2. Devout Hindus, if possible, should contact these Saints personally and impress upon Them that these conferences of Saints are organised with a view to establish the Hindu Rashtra. Understand their views. And inquire whether they will be attending Kumbhamela or not.

3. If you need any assistance while contacting Saints, contact the local office-bearers of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti. Similarly, inform us the opinion and suggestions of Saints upon contacting them.

4. Those who indicate a positive response for participation in conference of Saints, should be contacted again and invitation of the conference of Saints should be handed over to them.

5. Establish a contact on the phone or personally with the Saints, who have been invited, between 15th to 20th December and confirm whether they will really be attending the conference of Saints.

6. Final list of Saints likely to attend the conference of Saints from your region should be sent between 20th to 25th December to Mr. Shivaji Vatkar on his e-mail ‘’

The contact address for the Convention

Mr. Shivaji Vatkar

C/O Mr. Ravindra Mahakal
‘Saurabh’, Plot No. 5, Road No. 1
Sector 1, Adjacent to Raigad Bank
NEW PANVEL, District Raigad
PIN- 410206

E-mail :

Mobile : 093225 33595

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