Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Viewer’s question in a program on ‘Sudarshan’ channel : Why no action against Dr. Zakir Naik ?

Why no action is being taken aginst Zakir when he supports terrorism and is creating rift between two religions ? : Viewer’s question in a program called ‘Bindaas Bol’ telecast on ‘Sudarshan’ channel
Mumbai : Dr. Naik is a propagator of Islam. He has lot of fan following. He gives lectures on many Islamic channels. It is his hobby to criticize other religions. His hobby has grown so mush that during Ganesh Festival only he declared that ‘Ganapati is not God.’ How will such statement be tolerated in Bharat? Religious sentiments of Hindus are thus hurt every now and then leading to rift between the two religions.  His speeches can incite riots; it can shake the cultural history of this country. Zakir does not feel that Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist. He advises all Muslims to spread terrorism like Osama. He orders every Muslim to live like Osama. What will you call such line of thinking? Immediate action should be taken against Zakir Naik for continuously hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. This was the conclusion of the program titled ‘Why no action is taken against Zakir Naik’ telecast on ‘Sudarshan’ channel in its serial ‘Bindaas Bol’. 

The host of the program, Mr. Suresh Chavanke, dignitaries joining the program on the channel and viewers contacting from outside during this program expressed firm opinion that action has to be taken against Zakir Naik. (Congratulations to ‘Sudarshan’ channel for organizing program on the attack on Hindu Dharma by so-called Islamic Thinker Zakir Naik and creating awareness amongst people ! Will other channels learn from this channel ? – Editor SP) In this program, the original video-film made by Zakir Naik against Shri Ganesh was shown in full. Barelavi and Shiya Ulemas have said that listening to Zakir’s speeches is ‘Haram’ . In Lucknow, Ulemas have issued ‘Fatwa’ against him. Why then Government is letting such people free? Why it is not taking action against such people? How can these people spread communalism so openly ?

Today, people are saying that persons like Zakir are provoking religious sentiments.  Rift between two religions is increasing due to such persons and they are after each other’s life. Ganesh-devotees are saying, “Such people should be immediately put behind bar because they are doing such things deliberately, said the host of the program.

Video-films on patriots are sent to Police ; but they are banned. A person like Zakir Naik, however, talks openly and no action is taken against them,; they don’t have to follow any rules or laws, stated Mr. Chavanke. 

Where do the pro-Hindu Organisations go at such times? The day Gandhism would end, Hinduism would start, a viewer expressed his opinion. Mr. Mohammad Afzal of ‘Rashtriya Muslim Manch’ who was an invitee, said “These people get aid from terrorists. Such speeches will create anarchy. Nobody will sit queitly on listening to such insult of Dharma.” The program-host also said, “This is not the insult of only Shri Ganesh but whole Hindu Dharma. It has created rage amongst Ganesh-devotees leading to lodging of complaints against Naik at various places. Many pro-Hindu organizations along with HJS are registering their protest in lawful manner.”

Zakir Naik is ‘Nikamma’, stated Sri Sri Ravishankar

Zakir invites renowned religious leaders and Saints right from Sri Sri Ravishankar to show affinity amongst Hindu –Muslims; then he raises some points related to Dharma and insults the invitee. Inviting people and insulting them is the game played by Zakir. When Sri Sri Ravishankar was asked by his followers about the criticism made by  Naik, he said, “Nobody becomes a scholar only by knowing which chapter  contains what topic. He (Zakir) is a head of all fools and is useless.”

Zakir Naik always  …..  

1. Compares Hindu – Muslims religion
2. Despises other religions
3. Supports terrorists like Osama Bin Laden
4. Provokes religious sentiments of people
5. Converts Hindus to Islam and makes them fanatics
6. Gives inflammable speeches on channel influencing uneducated people who feel that he is good.

Remedy on the problem of ‘Naik’

1. Person like Zakir Naik should be immediately imprisoned.
2. Muslims should come forward to oppose Zakir Naik for supporting terrorism.
3. The Govt. should not protect such persons for vote-banks.
4. Hindu Scholars should bring forth the truth before people; else the fanatics will become more powerful.

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